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Pitter Patter Kidz

Pitter Patter Kidz is a pre school based in the heart of Uttar Pradesh, Lucknow. 
The Pitter Patter Kidz fraternity is focused on building an environment aiding
a strong foundation and overall development of the young minds associated
with us. From the curriculum to the activities, every element of education, our
kids are exposed to, is planned thoroughly. The teachers at Pitter Patter Kidz
help the young ones build on their natural learning ability through basic teaching
methods, advanced activities both physical and educational
and a well planned year long curriculum.

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Our Programs
Playgroup & Daycare

Pitter Patter Kidz daycare and playgroup programs are designed particularly to instil both practical as well as moral values in the tiny humans. We provide a safe and hygienic place, with educational activities and toys for them to spend their day improving and learning constantly.
Pre School

This is the part where we expect their creativity to bloom. Pitter Patter Kidz provides a safe and friendly environment for the kids to experience their natural ability to learn at par.
A safe, creative and fun environment to foster your child's creativity,
self-expression & motivation.

Extra Curricular

We at Pitter Patter Kidz believe in maintain a balance. A balance between studies and fun, seriousness and craziness, and educational time and extra curricular time. Through various engaging and encouraging creative activities and fun trips planned throughout the year we help boost the right side of our kids' brains.

Nutrition & Health

Pitter Patter Kidz fraternity believes strongly in healthy mind and body connection. To ensure our tiny humans build that strong connection we feed them fresh and organic fruits and vegetables, along with whole grain, healthy snacks only.

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